Flaming Ice Cube Reunion


I’m all back and settled into my dorm on campus again slowly getting adjusted to my new class routine. This semester already is shaping up to be a pretty good one. I made a few goals for the semester which include..

  • Keeping my room cleaner! (Can you say major mess action on the floor?)
  • Nap less – Get up earlier. Enough said.

One week into my classes and I already have my favorites! It’s so interesting that I can tell which ones I am going to enjoy more than the others. My exercise science class and my intro to psychology class are so interesting!! What were/are your favorite subjects to study?

As promised I have a little Flaming Ice Cube follow-up for you!

My friend Abby and I went to the FIC after a two-hour Zumba session which was then followed by a half an hour sculpting class. We were so hungry!

A humus and veggies wrapped in a sun-dried tomato flatbread with black bean corn salsa for me.

A vegan burger with soy cheddar and mustard for my friend.

For dessert I had a fruit and  soy yogurt parfait with hempseed granola.


And my friend got a triple chocolate baby bundt cake with molten lava frosting.

I’ve got some big Zumba related news coming up tomorrow, stay tuned!!

Michal ♥

Question of the day – What is the best thing you have had to munch on in the past few days?



  1. AHHH well i just got some goodies from the US which i posted about- those are by far my best munchies!.. I WANT THAT LAVA CAKE!

  2. Oo that cake and wrap look so good and I just ate!

    Glad you’re enjoying your classes. It’s always a relief to know you have something to look forward to early on. 🙂

    Favorite munchie: millet puffs with almond milk eaten out of a mug

  3. Yuuuummm – All of that food looks so delish 🙂
    So glad to hear you are already liking your classes – That’s such a good feeling!

  4. That food looks so good!!! Great pics, Michal!

  5. I remember being STARVING after my first Zumba Class. It really wakes up the hungry monster! Roaarrr!

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