Motivational Monday : This is my life

Please Notice

I’ve been taking some time lately to really appreciate my life, the people in it, and everything that I am lucky to have. Sometimes I’ll be driving along or sitting studying and it hits me. This IS my life. It’s weird to think years ago I would wonder what my life would be like at 16, 20, ect. Now I realize that at this moment I am living it. Things have changed SO MUCH, and I’m not the same person I once was. Even from my first blog post here, I have grown up. But I’m more me now than I have ever been before. Comfortable and strong. Inspired and hard-working. Ready.

Ready for what?

That I’m not sure.



One comment

  1. I love this post! I know what you mean! Good for you for simply taking a moment to savor the moment!

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