Weekend Roundup + Melt Bar & Grill Review

Doing work from my hammock this morning with a cup of tea.


There is no better way to start a new week!

This weekend was definitely one to remember – lots of laughs and memories made.  On Friday I got to celebrate my best friends birthday by taking her on a mini day trip to one of my favorite places in Cleveland – LUSH.



Lots of fun new products to try, I’m super excited! We also went to Teavana, Whole Foods, and a couple of other places. By the end of the day we were completely exhausted and needing nourishment so we went to Melt Bar and Grill. What is “the melt” you ask?

Melt Bar and Grill is a Cleveland based chain featuring gourmet grilled cheese and 150+ kinds of beer plus 20 others on draft. I KNOW. They are also completely vegan friendly, and anything on the menu can be made that way usually at no extra charge. I KNOW!


I tried The Big Popper which had  jalapeño peppers, and cheddar and herbed vegan cream cheese. It came with this delicious mixed berry dipping sauce which easily was the best part of the dish. I couldn’t even eat half of this thing before I had a major food baby.

The only complaint I have is that it’s not closer to me.

Have you ever been to Melt Bar and Grill? Whats your favorite thing on the menu?



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