Motivational Monday: Life Instructions

This article from Elephant Journal made me smile today and I thought I would share.

William Snell, a 95 year old man, shared a few Life Instructions.

Life Instructions

I was drawn to this particular article because I know personally that I sometimes I wish there was an instruction manual to life..

How are you supposed to know whether or not you’re making a mistake?

What if the choices we’re making aren’t going to take us to where we want to go?

If everyone else is doing ABCD, shouldn’t I also be doing ABCD?

20130805-161206.jpgWhen I was young my mom gave me this book called Life’s Little Instruction Book written by H. Jackson Brown Jr. I poured over it, and read it cover to cover in a span of days. Since then, I have read that book once a year, and at some point began making my own notes and adding things. I thought by reading this book and trying to implement its suggestions that I too would have a successful and thriving life. While the suggestions were great, its taken me 6 years of having that book to realize that the only path I need to be concerned with following is my own.

Sure, I may be doing things a little differently than all of my friends. I may be thought of as the giant goofball who eats oatmeal three times a day because my grocery budget goes towards business cards and books on health and nutrition. But I’m happy.

Even though the path that I’ve chosen is all wibbly wobbly, aren’t we all following our own wobbly paths and trying to be self-fulfilled?

Happy Monday my friends!

Question : Do you wish life had an instruction manual?


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