First Apartment + Naked Wines

Guess who moved into her very first apartment… THIS GIRL!

Sure it’s weird. I don’t have any living room furniture, and I’m eating oatmeal out of a starbucks mug using a fork, but I’m okay with it! I’ve actually had a lot of fun doing DIY projects and fixing things up. I’ve been settling in this past week with my roommate, and so far there have been some interesting shenanigans including…

  • Painting for the first time (didn’t use painters tape… oops)
  • Touching up the baseboards from the mishap of said first painting
  • Going to Walmart 3 times each day
  • Prancing around singing my new favorite song at the top of my lungs

In the midst of all the excitement I received my first piece of mail at my new address.. my order from Naked Wines!

Naked Wine

Naked Wines is this really cool company that I found out about through my Conscious Box subscription. Essentially is a group of people who work together with winemakers to provide excellent quality wines at affordable prices. In my last months Conscious Box, I received a $50 gift card to be used at, and me being the wine lover that I am made sure to put that to quick use!

Naked Wine

I got an amazing deal on these wines, all of the bottles cost me $11.73, and that includes shipping! WOW! In addition to using my gift card, I also signed up with Naked Wines to be an Angel – which is essentially a group of people investing in independent winemakers. In return you get tons of perks which include 40-60% off bottles AND a free bottle of wine every month.

I’M IN HEAVEN (and so is this kitten!)

Naked Wines

Other than copious amounts of wine and finishing settling into my new apartment, I’m getting ready to head to Orlando for the 2013 Zumba Convention! Lots of packing and working on my costume for one of the theme parties.. here’s a hint.. 3 yards of PLEATHER is involved.

Zumba Convention

Have a wonderful weekend!

Question – Do your prefer red or white wines?


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