How to Raise Your Vibration

While reading this morning I found this and I had to share.

Resistance means not listening to the flow of our own inner guidance. When we are in resistance we are listening to the echos and voices in our mind, and we are not tuned in to the feelings from the heart.

Sometimes, with the best of intentions, other people will interfere with our FLOW creating static interference within our being. Part of our mastery is learning to discern internal and external energies….what is mine and what is theirs. Feelings from the heart reflect “inner soul wisdom” leading us to our salvation while fear and outer projections from our ego’s lead us straight into the void of chaos, confusion, illusion and disconnection from our highest intuitive guidance system.

In order to go with our FLOW, we must first learn how to “BE” in the FLOW. The best way to release static inference from our selves, and others is to silence the egoic mind through meditation. When we slow down the mind….we can feel the wisdom of the heart and gentle, loving suggestions from Spirit. If our mental and emotional bodies (ego) are in overdrive we will not be able to receive the flow from our higher guidance system, and we will react and respond from a place of fear and not from a place of LOVE.

It is only through the practice of meditation (stillness) that we will be able to elevate ourselves from our emotional and mental bodies so we can tap into the wisdom of our spiritual body. And it is meditation that most people have the greatest resistance too…..and it is the very thing that will align us with our highest truth, joy, love, healing and greatest manifestation abilities.

It is in between your thoughts, where you will discover your greatest FLOW from Spirit.

tinybuddhaI hope this speak to you as much as it speaks to me!


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