Spicy Havarti “Burger” + Weekend Fun

I had a nice and relaxing weekend, still recovering from my trip to Orlando!

Lots of work needed done, but I still had time to go meet with friends and catch up. On Saturday a friend and I went to the Flaming Ice Cube which I still frequent (remember when I used to work there?!). I still make a point to support local places who support an eco-friendly and veg lifestyle. On that particular day they had a special: Spicy Havarti Burger with Cranberry Chutney and Sweet Relish.

It had been AGES since I had any type of burger thing, but since I had never tried havarti cheese before I thought why not. Daiya recently came out with a Jalapeno garlic havarti cheese, and thats what this burger was based around. OMG NOM.


Using sprouted grain bread instead of a bun and adding spinach this sandwich AMAZING.


The little dish in the back had a cucumber-tomato-dill salad.


After enjoying much needed girl time, the rest of my weekend consisted of watching various documentaries including Forks Over Knives, Marley, and Earthlings (for the umpteenth time). As well as swooning over *NSYNC…


Enjoy your Monday my friends! My agenda for the rest of the day includes getting in a nice long work out, choreographing a couple new songs,  and planning a menu for a belated birthday dinner for a family dinner. What’s on your agenda for the rest of the day?


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