Are you your most AUTHENTIC self?

I found this article Wednesday on Mind, Body, Green which I thought was worth sharing.


Since Wednesday I have read it many times, and I hope you take a minute to read it too.

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the little things. Wanting to have it all, and feeling down when it seems that getting to where you want to be seems so far off. Especially when you feel as if people/things are blocking your path. The UNIVERSE is trying to teach you something, and you must actively LISTEN.

I think the reason it resonated so much with me is because daily we are bombarded with ideals of what we are “supposed” to be :

  • Smart BUT aloof
  • Athletic BUT artsy
  • Wealthy BUT minimalistic
  • Happy BUT Serious

I didn’t even touch on what men have to go through, or a whole slew of other things that we deal with. There is so much pressure put on people to be PERFECT and to “have it all” that we forget who we are at our core. At the very center of your being, WHO ARE YOU?

Questions you really should be asking yourself is..

  1. What truly matters to YOU?
  2. What does “having it all” mean to YOU?
  3. Are YOU doing everything you can be doing to be actively living your best life?


It isn’t easy.

But once you make the choice to smile with your heart,  accept yourself for who you are, and EMBRACE it. You will BLOSSOM.

Here is what I know about myself…

  • Having it all for me is finding a work/play balance – doing what I love, without it being “work”
  • I do better living in organized chaos
  • I enjoy being alone as much as I enjoy being surrounded by others.

Most importantly I’ve learned the difference between surviving and THRIVING . You can go through the motions, you can live without LIVING at all.

Instead of giving into my frustration and being negative, I choose to be GRATEFUL. Grateful for a body that’s strong and flexible, and for a mind and spirit that are largely the same. I already have everything I need to be happy.

 I challenge you to answer take a minute and answer the 3 questions above honestly.

Your answers may surprise you!


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