Motivational Monday : Budding Tree

I’ve posted before about Nahko Bear and Medicine for the people…

But I’ve become obsessive and they need to be posted about again. I discovered this song over the weekend, and I am in LOVE – I’ve listened to it so many times. This song is called “Budding Tree”


So, tap me out and tap me into you
Heal my brain and my body too
Balance my chemistry hydrate these cells
Cuz the body talks and the meditation helps
The body talks and meditation helps

This song makes me think of this picture I found months ago.

The tree represents YOU, and all the branches represent different areas of your life. The tree needs to be nurtured and taken care of despite the changes surrounding it. Each new budding branch needs attention, and the old branched need tended to or they may become overgrown, or neglected.


The body and soul are no different – we need to take care of both our physical and mental selves. Each area of our lives need to be given love and attention so we can be sure that we are living our very best life. The song says it all… “the body talks, and meditation helps”.

 Take time to reconnect with yourself.

Ahhhh this song just makes my SOUL feel good – I love it!


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