Pho Real + A Day of Firsts

Yesterday was a day full of firsts!

Yesterday morning I taught my first ever Zumba Gold class at one of the studios where I teach.. I had no idea what to expect. I know already from that class that I LOVE teaching this format!

After class I ran around doing some errands and mid-errand stopped and noshed on this little beaut. I’m a huge fan of Cliff Bars, but hadn’t had a chance to try Sierra Trail Mix yet. 

cliffbarThe verdict?

Ehhhh. It was okay – it kind of tasted like raisiny peanut butter. It was good, but I would much rather eat one of the other kinds which I like more.

cliffbarLater on in the afternoon I met a friend for lunch, and we decided to try a restaurant called Pho Saigon. I’ve NEVER had Pho before.. or even Pad Thai. In complete honesty I felt like a total noob, however when promised tasty food and an opportunity to use chopsticks I am all in.

Bubble Tea

Mango Bubble Tea


Vegetarian Pho + Tofu


NOM NOM NOM. Only problem I had was I had no clue how to eat this. I made a humongus mess. Has this ever happened to you? After I got home I YouTube searched “how to eat pho” and this was the most helpful result I found…

This little girl taught me more about eating pho than any other video I found!

At least next time I go I have a better idea of the proper way to eat it

(I gave up on my chopsticks halfway through!)


 Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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