Las Vegas

The first weekend of 2014 I hopped on a plane and took off to the lovely Las Vegas for the first time!

Colorado Mountains

The lovely mountains flying over Colorado.

Las Vegas

No downtime for us, we walked The Strip at least twice per day!


Me with one of the most delicious drinks of all time!


I stumbled upon this beautiful meditation altar in the middle of the strip.

There were SO MANY crazy and wonderful things that I saw. And of course, a ton of delicious food. Over the course of the weekend we went to of the best restaurants that I’ve ever been to  – Tao.


Tao is an incredibly hip Asian Bistro and Nightclub on the strip. The food was incredible. Teeny tiny portions of course. But most was vegan/vegetarian friendly. There was no discreet and take pictures unfortunately, but I did capture this high quality photograph of this adult beverage called Dragon Slayer. YUM!

las vegas

Overall, despite the stressful trip home (thank you sub-zero temperatures), and the extra 3 nights we had to stay in Las Vegas (hey, there are worse places to be stuck!) I had a wonderful time.

Until next time,


Have you ever been to Las Vegas? Tell me about your trip!


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