The Cheaters Guide to Cooking Grains


Perhaps I should say GLORIOUS CARBS! We love them, we hate them, but really we can’t live without them. They are a staple in the kitchen of many (and if they’re not after this post they will be).

Not only are the a cheap staple to have in your pantry, but they are filling, and nutrient dense. A many a meals can be made from a cup of insert grain of your choice here and a couple of your favorite veggies. A few of my favorites to work with are steel-cut oats, quinoa, and, brown rice. Coincidentally these are also some of the most common, and the most versatile.

When beginning to stock your pantry with grainy-goodness there are a few things to keep in mind..

1. Quantity – How much are you buying and needing to store? How much are you preparing?


2. Time Commitment  – Quick cooking (microwave) vs. Stove top

3. Quality – Organic vs. Store brands

Most of the time, the grains that you buy in conventional grocery stores (ie. Walmart) will be the very same as the ones in Whole Foods or Kroger. Keep in mind though, if you’re going for organic grains that while they are more expensive, the nutritional value remains the same. You could always save those dollars an put it towards some organic produce instead!


Extra helpful tips..

  • When storing grains use air-tight containers to keep them fresher for an extended period of time.
  • Rinse EVERYTHING before cooking (it removes toxins, debris, and makes them easier to digest!)
  • For extra flavor cook your grains in vegetable broth rather than water.

If you liked this post be sure to check out the Cheaters Guide to Cooking Veggies!

For more sources on grainy goodness check out The Whole Grains Council, 


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