Sunday Brunch-day

This weekend was most magical.

It began with a sleepy Saturday morning filled with fresh pineapple and cat snuggling.

The day then turned into a weekend romp to Cleveland, where shennangianry was eminent.

We began with having a unpictured dinner at the B Spot – a funky burger joint owned by chef Michael Simon – who you might know from the Food Network.


Aside from two of the most delicious bloody mary’s that I’ve ever had, I had a veggie burger with feta cheese, avocado, and, siracha mayo. HOLY MOLY.

In trying to escape our delicious burger-induced coma we decided to go to Fat Heads Brewery, in Cleveland. AWESOME.


After a slight over-consumption of delicious craft beer (mine had blueberries soaking in the beer!), we went and played lazer tag with a bunch of 13-year-old prepubescent boys. SO MUCH FUN.

Fast forward to Sunday morning where we leisurely awoke and grabbed a nice brunch at Luckys Cafe (also featured on the Food Network, on Diners Drive Ins and Dives).


This place was CRAZY busy. I’m talking people packed in tight like a can of pickled olives. The service was super quick however, and we were seated without too much of a wait.


I had the “Canoewreck” which was curried tofu, potatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and brewers yeast. It came paired with toast which I ate with local honey. And, copious amounts of black coffee. YUM.

To go we snagged a Ginger Chewie. One of the best I’ve ever had.


My happy face


All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and it has come and went too soon. I am very much looking forward to going back to Luckys Cafe and trying some more of their menu items.

Cheers to the last week of April!


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