Motivational Monday: Do no harm, but take no shit

do no harm

This is a phrase that I have been contemplating a lot lately.

We were not born into this wonderful gift of a life to spend it living up to another’s expectations or fighting for their good opinion. We are all human with needs, and it’s natural to want to be successful. It’s natural to want to feel respected and significant, to know that we are loved and have something of value to contribute.

But to sacrifice our own beliefs and go against our truth while we seek reassurance and approval from others is the quickest way to lose oneself and let the world steal our happiness.

People are judging you every day, there’s nothing you can do about it, that’s their business, wish them well and get on with being you.

People don’t need to like you, but YOU do and the right people will love you regardless of your personal choices.

Those who follow their truth, who dismiss the obstacles of feeling lonely, misunderstood, judged or disliked are the ones who change the world.

LOVE yourself. ACCEPT yourself. RESPECT yourself. ALLOW yourself. Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business. Take back your power and apply your energy wisely!



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